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Today’s Young Worker Is Stressed-Out and Anxious

2020 certainly didn’t make things easy for young adult workers. COVID-19, an uncertain economy, racial tensions, and a divisive presidential election that led to riots and deaths have all taken a toll on mental health, particularly among younger adults. “Most of us think about coping with the loss of a loved one, but this past year, [younger] individuals also had to deal with the loss of important events, such as graduation, and a way of life, such as the inability to gather with social networks or go to the gym. What people used to be able to cope with in the past with normal coping strategies just isn’t working now, and they need a higher level of support,” said Meghan Stokes, a licensed clinical social worker and vice president of clinical services with BHS, a Baltimore-based company offering workplace wellness and EAPs.

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Dealing with Employees in Crisis: Options and Resources for Today’s Turbulent Times

2020 was an exceptionally challenging year, given the COVID-19 pandemic, economic challenges, furloughs and layoffs, remote work, racial tensions and an uncommonly divisive presidential election. As a corporate leader today, how can you help address employees’ concerns that, at times, appear to be overwhelming? How can you identify early signs of potential crisis? And what can you do in situations where employees are a threat to their own safety or to the safety of others?

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