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How to introduce and adopt new HR technology solutions

Organizations today are operating in an uncertain, complex, and an increasingly volatile world. With innovations happening at earth-shattering pace, it’s difficult to keep up with an evolving landscape. The HR function is facing new demands which require quick, and fitting adaptation to the new mission.

Creating HR cloud ecosystem for the growing business

When World’s first online marketplace for financial services company looked for a partner to help redesign its HR landscape, it brought quite a lot of challenges to the project—and plenty of prospective. Read More on PeopleStrong Website Follow @marketcheetah

Designing an HR App for the Millennials

A budding designer is always taught to keep things clean and simple. That’s a good advice. Later, when user experience comes into the picture, the first thing that takes a hit, is simplicity and cleanliness. This is exactly the moment when an organization can easily

Simple, Smart, DigitalHR for a smart workforce

In a world where almost 90% of a person’s waking hours are spent digitally, it is only expected that workplaces of today are gearing up to ride the digital wave. When you are running a workforce of digital natives and early adopters, technology’s role in

Mid Size Indian firms to create 7 million jobs by 2021: Survey

According to an exclusive survey data HR outsource and technology firm PeopleStrong shared with Mint, if the rate of gross domestic product (GDP) growth and subsequent job creation continues to be the same as today, the mid-market will create approximately 7 million new jobs by 2021,