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Designing an HR App for the Millennials

A budding designer is always taught to keep things clean and simple. That’s a good advice. Later, when user experience comes into the picture, the first thing that takes a hit, is simplicity and cleanliness. This is exactly the moment when an organization can easily

Digital RPO with PeopleStrong

In simple words, Recruitment Process Outsourcing happens when you transition all or some of your recruitment processes to an external provider who understands your requirements in entirety. Which is why we at PeopleStrong have specialists who put together a customized RPO process which include the

7 Tips while selecting any HR SaaS Technology

Human Resources is an essential function in today’s business environment. From recruiting, retaining, engaging, and training staff, to administering employee benefits, to ensuring compliance with rules, regulations, and laws HR impacts so many areas. Leading organizations today realize that their HR team and HR processes

Entering the HR world from CIOs perspective

A decade ago, the role of typical CIO was only related to IT infrastructure. They have been the major player in the implementation of new technology in the enterprise architecture and guiding adoption within the functions of any organisation. However, implementing a cutting-edge technology is

HR Tech Market India – The adolescent in the adult world!

A major shift is happening on employee experience through digital HR, which is much more than automation. The HR industry had not seen the HR tech revolution in previous 50 years, however, today, organizations are in different phases of cloud and mobile adoption. Know more about