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10 simple but powerful ideas to boost team collaboration

If you want to succeed in your business, you need to treat your team members as your biggest assets – which they are. There’s no power in the whole world that can stop a team that knows how to collaborate. As a manager, a decision-maker for your business, you need to push your team to create a healthy and productive work environment. Here are a few things you can do to achieve that.

  1. Laying the Ground Rules 

When we join a team, we assume that all its members agree with our opinions of what’s right and what’s acceptable. But more often than not, this doesn’t happen, so if you’re a team leader, it’s imperative that you lay the ground rules explicitly and help each member opinionated in a way that aligns with your thoughts.

  1. Communicate Your Expectations for Collaboration 

When team/employee expectations go berserk, the surrounding air gets heavy with tension. But effective communication is the way out to collaborate with your team at the granular level. Companies that have annual reviews struggle to implement changes in their culture and work ethics, and it gets apparent from the thoughts that their employees have for their bosses.

Clear expectation was the key in CholaMandalam’s ability to ensure business continuity during the countrywide lockdown. They are managing a diverse workforce and associated processes while working remotely for the first time for over 20,000+ employees through Zippi.

Download the Case Study.

  1. Define and Communicate Your Team’s Goals 

When you inspect the inner workings and behaviours of a team, understanding goals and having open communication becomes paramount. It’s vital that every team member is on the same page, and that’s the responsibility of the team lead. Ensure that your words carry the same meaning for all your team members, and if anything is missing, ensure that it’s quantifiable.

  1. Promote A Community Working Environment 

Your employees need to be a part of something bigger than themselves and have a sense of belongingness in a community. This feeling can lead to your employees or team members to stay together for long. A working environment with a sense of community will boost productivity and collaboration.

Build a collaborative working environment where employees are encouraged to share ideas and knowledge and driving their energies to getting things done quickly. Zippi allows seamless storage integration and secure file sharing to ensure that the information seamlessly flows throughout the organization.

  1. Foster Open Communication 

Clear and open communication is critical to upgrade your task management routine in your team. It becomes all the more necessary if the team is working from home and using online collaboration software.

With Zippi, you can use the pre-designed employee-groups for all your divisions to help employees connect better. There are options to create smaller squads that can solve the whole communication problem for your company with agility.

  1. Encourage Creativity 

If your team is on an enterprise collaboration system, it’s your responsibility to keep a bird’s eye view over the daily happenings. If you and your crew promote creativity at work in collaboration, productivity is bound to improve.

  1. Share Knowledge 

If you share your insights with your team regularly, they’ll feel more attached and closer to you, and it will empower them to make significant contributions to their individual fields. But more than that, when you’re using workplace collaboration tools, give your team a chance to share their knowledge and ideas with the other team members.

  1. Lead by Example 

Sharing ideas and enforcing them in your team has been the crux of how things have always happened everywhere. To rope in a dynamic work environment, you have to practice what you preach and demonstrate your ethics and prowess every day in your work.

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  1. Appreciate Successful Teamwork  

Learn to appreciate every little feat that your team member achieves. Your perception of success shows what kind of leader you are and the sort of people you attract. Rewarding your workers every once in a while, the act of letting them know you care, and making them believe that they can make a difference can go a long way.

Make your employees feel valued with Zippi, simply provide the required limelight to your star performers, and build an environment of mutual respect and recognition.

  1. Invest in A Collaboration Tool 

Now, this one’s a game-changer. Going digital and taking your operations digital along with you is perhaps the best decision you can make as a decision-maker. All businesses with huge revenues are using some form of business collaboration software to engage their employees even when they are physically unavailable. One such communication and collaboration solution is Zippi, which is steadily transforming the way all modern businesses conduct their operations.

A collaboration platform like Zippi from PeopleStrong will help your crew effortlessly ideate and collaborate digitally. You can talk to your contractors, freelancers, suppliers, and all other agencies, (and your team, of course) from a unified platform. Now, can collaboration tools get any better?

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